Me on Phi Phi Island 2013. Malaysia.

Most people call me goOse my dogs call me boss. I'm always looking for ways to fuel a passion that is a never ending exploration of our human experience. goOsefilms inc. is my video production company in Calgary, Canada. I filmed a documentary for television titled " River People the Blue Nile Expedition". A follow up documentary "Kadoma" was filmed in 2011. Both documentaries feature my best friend and expedition leader Hendri Coetzee who was tragically taken by a crocodile in the Congo during the filming of "Kadoma". This has awoken me to the fact that today is all we have. Before I used to just say it and hear it. But the more I learn about myself and trying to figure out my purpose the more interesting life becomes. Usually with good results. Apart from loving video work I fell in love with photogarphy too. This love affair with photography has afforded me the chance to recently becoming a Fully Certified Google Photographer.

Gustav Nel

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