Portrait Photoshoot in Hawaii

On my recent first visit to Hawaii I had the intention to take a lot of photos. It usefully is the thing I look forward the most when traveling. Although most of the photos I take is generally with my iPhone 4s. I still consider it photography and it scratches the itch to be creative while away just fine. But this time I also wanted to try something I have never done and actually set up a photo shoot with a local Hawaiian. I usually  "Steal" shots with my phone which is pretty easy to do off course. Like this one while drinking my first cup off coffee.

Pike Place Starbucks Hawaii 2014


But reading and seeing some other way of how other photographers set up shots with local people my idea of stealing shots seemed almost lazy. Off course there is amazing photos to be had with an interesting subject not knowing you are taking a photograph of them. But this trip I decided to at least ask one person if I can come back to photograph them. Out and about the day walking in a small village in Hawaii. i stumbled into a little shop with a local crafts maker. His name is Stephen and he happened to be deaf. I love his shop. It was rustic and very quiet. The light was great in there too. So I asked him through my best sign language that I have only learned from Charades if it was okay to come back later the week to shoot his photograph. As far as I could tell he didn't have any problem with that and I was on my. Hoping that he would remember me and that we just communicated properly. 

Two days before I had to leave Hawaii I went back to shoot Stephen. Here are a couple of shots of the 20 minute session.

Stephen Hawaiian Portrait Shoot 2014

Stephen Hawaiian Portrait Shoot 2014

I loved enjoyed the focus energy of just having time to compose a couple of shots. I did not direct him on anything. I do like the documentary capturing style approach with no real posing by the subject. My only wish is that I had more time in Hawaii to ask more local Hawaiians if they wouldn't mind posing or not posing :). 

This experience is hopefully one of many to come.